£6,000 Fundraising Success for Oxford Juniors

Three Oxford Juniors, Jacob Hogben, Eamon Devaney and Emma Henriksen, have been successful is securing funding worth nearly six thousand pounds which is to be spent on new goalkeeping kit in 2012. Jacob was the main drive in putting together the bid presented to Oxford City Council’s ‘Positive Activities junior committee’ on Thursday 15th December. The three juniors were highly praised for the content and delivery of their presentation to the thirteen Junior Committee members.

This substantial funding will allow the Junior section to invest in a high number of quality kits which are essential to help build on the great work being achieved by Paul Hogben and Chris Mitty with our junior keepers. Oxford HC leads the way in keeper coaching and the funding for kit will allow us to coach even more keepers in the future. Special thanks goes to Callum Chapman for informing Jacob about the ‘Positive Activities junior funding’, and well done to Jacob, Eamon and Emma.

Oxford HC is also very grateful to Nic Watson (Ex Tilsley Tigers) who has generously donated £250 to the club. Nic was in the process of winding up the Tigers and wanted the balance of the club funds to go to a good cause. With this in mind, the money has been spent on a video camera and tripod and will be primarily used by the GK coaching team to help keepers.

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