OHC Hamsters v. Oxford 8s – 17.3.12 match report (Hamster version)

Oxford Hamsters  2 – 1  Oxford 8s

After the two victories last weekend, hopes were high in the Hamsters’ camp that we could prove a few sceptics wrongs and be victorious over our illustrious club colleagues ‘Oxford 8s’.

Skipper Carter was extremely pumped up for the occasion and his rallying call in the pre-match huddle was stirring stuff indeed. [Even Sath arrived on time and heard it – must have been the first one this season.]

Oxford 8s started promisingly, gaining a large portion of the early possession but did seem to struggle to carve out any clear chances against a well organised Hamsters defence.

With good pace on the flanks provided by Adrian and John Spry, linking well with front combinations of Skipper Carter, John Jones and AMH, the Hamsters began to get a foothold in the game.

But as the tide began to turn, the 8’s scored. A goalmouth scramble ensued following a misjudged clearance from Keeper Bence and the ball was eventually pushed in from close range.

This goal seemed to upset the Hamsters as they replied almost immediately with a well-taken goal from Andy Bowen and then to add to the 8s dismay, Hamsters scored again to make it 2-1 at half time [if someone wants to claim the second goal let me know cause I can’t remember – think it was Kyle].

Coach Walker delivered some well-chosen pearls of wisdom at half time and the Hamsters went out for the second half expecting the 8s to hit them with all they had. And in fairness they did. But the Hamsters defence of Alan, Sath and Dave Haycock were in no mood to let their lead slip and the well-marshalled troops stood fast. The midfield 5 also worked tirelessly throughout to deny the 8s play-makers time or space to get a grip on the game.

We did have to make one forced change when AMH hit the ball straight into Kyle’s bread basket. Sath’s very attractive female friend, being a doctor, did offer some assistance to Kyle but he got to his feet before a hand could be given.

Back to the game and keeper Bence made a couple of good saves which atoned for his earlier misdemeanor and the score stayed at 2-1 to the final whistle.

So as the great and the good of Oxford Hockey Club looked on and wondered how this result could have happened, the Hamsters retired to the bar in bullish mood to enjoy a well-earned pint and a good old chin wag with friends.

The tales of daring do continued well into the night as the majority of the team walked into the city to sample the best ales Oxford could offer.

Skipper Carter ‘a very happy Hamster’.

MOM – Adrian Harris & John Spry

DOD – John Jones ………Bit harsh.

Thanks to Marianne and John for umpiring.

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