Ladies’ 5s v. Oxford Uni 3s – 28.10.12 match report

Oxford  0-4  Oxford University

The University were quick to dominate play from the whistle with quick, short passes leaving the home side struggling to find their rhythm and get any decent period of possession. Even so, thanks to some great work from goalie Jules, it took a good 15 minutes for University to get their first shot in from a penalty corner.

OHC battled well in midfield, with Steph and Becky working hard to create opportunities and move the ball out of the middle of the pitch where most of the play centred. But University, quick to turn around and take advantage of any errors, were often left with a player unmarked in the D. It wasn’t long before they made it 2-0. OHC were however unlucky not to score from penalty corners won just before half time.

The second half started well as OHC took firmer control. The defence remained strong, putting University players off their stride where possible. There were a few sweet saves from Jules and hits from the 16 yard line were taken more quickly, leaving less time for University to set up.

A tactical move in midfield saw Steph move left and Kate to centre; this seemed to give OHC a little more space to breathe and put University under pressure for the first real time in the match. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last as OHC conceded a storming shot from the edge of the circle, followed with a fourth goal just a few minutes later.

Heads didn’t go down however, and OHC took possession again with some great linking play up the left from Steph, Becky, and Zoe. Ellie G and Romy were extremely unlucky not to get shots on goal in the last 15 minutes with penalty corners well defended by University.

MOTMs: Julia Nichols and Ann Carter

Match report by Ann Carter

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