Men’s 4s v. Milton Keynes 3s – 12.10.13 – Match Report

Oxford 7-4 Milton Keynes

Oxford 4th XI’s second game of the season saw the evening kick off of a 1530 match away at Milton Keynes, home of the algae based astroturf. Woughton is a happy hunting ground for your correspondent, and followers of the 5th XI will remember it well as the origin of the ‘POMO!’ move.

Captain ‘Angry Dave’ Albon reminded his charges to repeat the performance of the previous week, and once again irony discipline was the watchword. Oxford opened the scoring with a bizarre element of luck, with the MK left back passing the ball straight to a bemused Tasker, who calmly finished.

MK were proving adept on the break, and from one foray forward a bouncing ball was converted from close range, 1-1. Oxford pressed forward, and found Doug ‘Ironman’ Woolett at the back post, 2-1. Once again MK countered, 2-2. Oxford again created chances, with ‘Gentle’ Ben Hudson making it 3-2.

MK equalised for the 3rd time after a goal mouth melee, which found the ball cleared off the line straight at the Oxford ‘keeper, Hogben, who was a few yards out. Hogben responded by doing what ‘keepers do best, and saved shot. Sadly this went back towards the goal where an MK forward gleefuly scored much to the chagrin of the Oxford ‘keeper and defence.

“We need to stop playing basketball” came the half time battle cry from Captain Albon. Several suggestions were put forward, and a minor tactical switch was implemented at the behest of the Horse Whisperer, Pringeur.

Oxford settled into the 2nd half playing much more effectively through the middle, and cutting out the MK threat on the break. Goals came from Woolett, Hudson. S., Hickey, and for the second time in as many weeks, your correspondent.

“HE’S GOING NOWHERE!!!” was the confident cry of the experience Wharton, just as an MK forward expertly finished from the top of the ‘D’ on his reverse stick. Such reading of the game only comes with playing the vast number of matches that Wharton has, and he was justly rewarded with DOTD for his commentary.

Final score 7-4 to Oxford, a good game for the neutral to watch!

Final Score: 7-4

Goal scorers: Huw Tasker, Doug Woolett (2), Ben Hudson, Mark Hickey, Steve Hudson, Steve Pritchard

MOM: Iain Pringeur – running the show from the back

DOD: Kev Wharton – for saying “He’s going nowhere” just before the opposition player roofed a reverse stick shot

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