Match Day Review – 23rd November

With 8 wins, 6 losses and 2 draws this week the Club finished up 36-28 on the score line.  The Ladies’ 3s, Fireflies and 6s are all in 4th place in their respective leagues, whereas the Men’s 1s are sitting proud at the top of MBBO Regional 1 by four points and a very healthy goal difference.  The Men’s 2s, 3s, 6s and 9s are in 3rd place whilst the 4s are in 2nd place in their leagues.  Great work!

With up to three more league matches before the winter break for many teams there’s plenty of hockey still to be played.  Don’t forget if you fancy a spot of Sunday mixed hockey then have a look at the website for details of what’s going on.  Also your OHC Christmas Party tickets can be bought from your team Captain in advance of Saturday 14th December. Go on!

Please email your match reports, scorer names and photos to Laura or Nav and we will make sure they get posted on the website.  We could really do with some new photos for the website! Here are the scores…

Ladies’ 1s v. Brighton and Hove Ladies’ 1s – Lost 1-3 – Sally Whyte

Ladies’ 2s v. PHC Chiswick Ladies’ 1s – Drew 1-1 – Kim Fowler

Ladies’ 3s v. Sonning Ladies’ 2sWon 1-0 – Niki Forecast

Ladies’ 4s v. Reading Ladies’ 3s – Won 3-0 – Zoe Driscoll, Lizzie Robbins, Jess Upjohn

Ladies’ 5s v. Henley Ladies’ 3s – Won 3-1 – Jade Mason, Nic Henderson, Harry Bryant

Ladies’ Fireflies v. Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s – Lost 0-5

Ladies’ 6s v. Abingdon Ladies 3 – Lost 0-1


Men’s 1s v. Staines 2Won 4-1 – Dan Bleach (2), Dan Strange (2)

Men’s 2s v. Milton Keynes 2Lost 2-4 – Matt Oakes, Dave Hibbert

Men’s 3s v. Wycombe 2 – Won 4-2 – Oli Dale, Jamie Douglas (2), Niall Devaney

Men’s 4s v. Amersham & Chalfont 2 – Won 4-1 – Jack Burke (2), Steve Hudson, Steve Pritchard

Men’s 5s v. Windsor 1 – Won 5-3 – Matt Daplyn, Jonnie Green, Josh Cowan d’Arcy (2), Gareth Cadman

Men’s 6s v. – No Fixture

Men’s Hamsters v. Banbury PiranhasLost 0-2

Men’s 8s v. Thame 2 – Lost 2-3 – Robbie Strachan (2)

Men’s 9s v. Henley 4 – Drew 1-1 – Jon Darnell

Men’s Bulls v. Winchester Men’s Vets II – Won 5-0 – Game cancelled

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