Ladies’ Masters Investec Trophy, 2nd round vs. Southgate – 12.01.14 – Match report

Oxford 3-1 Southgate

The Mighty Oxford Youth Policy travelled to Southgate to start their 2014 campaign. Despite an apparent abundance of players, Captain Katie bravely chose to travel with only her top 10! This cunning plan avoided the need for any substitutions (nobody likes being rolled off!) and meant we had an excuse ready if we should lose!

Fortunately, this risky strategy proved very successful. Fortified by Berocca (as the advert says “you, but on a really good day”) and a hefty sprinkling of optimism – the game was on.

Southgate played confidently from the start but were surprised by the determination and work rate of the Mighty Masters. Katie, Emma and Angie controlled the midfield, confident that Christine would cover their backs (using her head if necessary). Marianne quietly battled on, despite illness, putting in her classy one-handed tackles and proving that age is indeed class. Newcomer Bernie had a solid game at the other side of the defence.

The breakthrough came when Tinny put Oxford ahead. Unfortunately, Southgate equalised to put the scores level at half time.

The second half proved to be full of excitement and action! Emma slid in to score a reverse stick diving goal – putting Oxford in the lead. Captain Courageous Katie had a little rest on the side with her feet up then hobbled back on promptly to score a classic Smith goal!

13 minutes to go and 3-1 up, the team continued to run off the turkey, chocolate and wine of the last month (Sarah anyway). Julia booted away a couple of threatening balls and Nadine continued to fly past the defenders.

Full time was met with much relief! Good job, well done by the team! Nobody missed any flicks and the teas were good – what more could you want?

Final Score: Oxford 3-1 Southgate

Goal scorers: Tinny, Emma Forrester, Katie Smith

No MOTM – everyone was amazing!

Match reporter: Sarah Dawson


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