Ladies’ 2s v. Hampstead & Westminster 2s – 14.12.13 match report

Oxford 2s  0-2  Hampstead & Westminster 2s

Apologies for the late posting, but here’s the team (well, one car-ful at any rate) poetic effort for the last game before Christmas…

It was the 14th of December
And a match to remember.
It started with Kate
Who was really quite late!

We are going to miss Lotje very much
Even though she’s Dutch!
And Martha’s going down under
But only after the other team gave her a blunder.

Tinny injured her calf
And had to stay off for each half
But she wasn’t missed very much
Because she isn’t Dutch!

We were one goal down
But no one had a frown
At half-time we all had a sweet
Which Hayley brought as a treat.

The second half started
But our team spirit hadn’t departed
Chloe led the defence well
Despite the opposition attacking like bats out of hell.

Holly did some good stuff
Even when the going got tough…
And a little bit rough.

Sam did well as sweeper
But never challenged the keeper
Who was a sleeper (not a weeper … Unlike Miriam)
Katie cox was a fox who really rox her hockey sox

Andrew got in trouble with the referee
About what they both could see
Threatened with a card for the team
He stopped being quite so obscene

Amy had very quick sticks
And no one could beat her tricks
She must’ve had her Weetabix.

Good in defence was Beverley
Who played very cleverly.
And although Miriam did great in goal
The opposition were on a roll.

Hampstead and Westminster played to the grave
A match we were unable to save.

Lost 2-0 to Hampstead and Westminster 2s

Man of the Match – Miriam Pritchard

DOD – Kate

Match report by Miriam and Kate (with help from Andrew, Amy and Lotje)

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