Men’s 1s v. Eastcote 1s – 18.01.14 – Match Report

Oxford 3-2 Eastcote


The ominous sight of the scales placed by John Dykes outside the gates of Eastcote’s Stadia welcomed each player from Oxford to the second half of the season.

Variations of kit were worn for the weigh-in, from lightest clothes possible (Macca stripped down to his boxers claiming his new beach body post Mexico “had to be seen”). Dyksey seemed to have his heaviest outfit possible on and his car keys in his pockets and still tipped the scales 3-5 lbs down, to humiliate most.

Despite the Christmas love handles afflicting some of the team, OHC got off to a decent start. Movement was good, the ball zipping around on a pitch that always plays better than it looks.

Rupert “I’ve got skills like Giggsy” Barker was tenacious down the left wing. Claiming at least once to have the right back “in his pocket”. One of these Giggs-esque runs led to a short corner. Skipper McKeown set his missile tracking device to bottom right corner, but Dan Bleach got there just in time to steal the captain’s goal.

Oxford had somewhat of a new look about them, with welcome debuts for Ben Roe and Russell who both played superbly. Ben looked comfortable up front and helped himself to Oxford’s second from close range to put daylight between the two teams.

With Callum looking threatening Oxford continued to dominate, soon two became three as Mr Bleach once more touched home brilliantly to seemingly put OHC out of sight.

Fitness however on this occasion was not Oxford’s friend. As the game dragged on (I was playing in midfield, trust me it dragged) Eastcote improved and were rewarded with two well taken goals to set up an enthralling last 10.

The Blues continued to have chances, I missed twice through an inability to strike the ball cleanly and Will Philip’s lack of awareness as to his runners creativity in the D, meant chances came and went. In a tough last few minutes where John Dykes regained the lost weight through nail biting, OHC hung on.

Final score 2-3, huge games to come vs. Ashford at the DrinkVenga Arena and then a visit to my old haunt Cressex, for Wycombe away. 6 points would be very nice indeed.

Final Score: 3-2

Goal Scorers: Dan Bleach (2), Ben Roe

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