Ladies’ 2s v. Wallingford 1s – 01.02.14 match report

Oxford  1-2  Wallingford

It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day when we set out for our must-win game with fellow-strugglers Wallingford. The omens seemed good but then it all started to fall to pieces. I can’t say exactly what put us off but perhaps it was a combination of:

  1. Ruth’s errant time-keeping
  2. Lucy’s driving
  3. Claire almost running over a small child in the Wallingford car park (that child clearly needs to pay more attention to the Green Cross Code)
  4. Andrew provoking unintentional hilarity when reading out the team formation and naming Tanky at centre mid
  5. Miriam forgetting a ‘central’ part of her protective kit
  6. or something else…

Anyway, it didn’t start too well, with Claire going closest to scoring – in her own net. Fortunately, the deflection went just wide of the post. Sam went one better, beating Miriam by deflecting the ball into our net, but the umpire luckily disallowed the goal for a push.

Wallingford realised they would have to do their own scoring, which they did twice before half-time. One player dribbled round most of the Oxford opposition, who seemed a little reluctant to engage, before sliding the ball just past Miriam. This was followed by a deflection into the top corner by another of their players.

Lucy had a go at motivating us at half-time, declaring that we should all retire from the game if we failed to win this match. Oxford did play a little better and Tinny scored a nice goal, committing the keeper and then flicking the ball into the net, to give us a chance of getting back into it. Amy made some good runs, while Ruth and Hayley battled away in the middle.

Collectively, however, it was not our most inspired day and Wallingford took the points.

The only silver lining to this cloud was some rather nice pasta bake and a huge amount of cake after the game – thanks to the opposition for their hospitality at any rate!

Scorer: Tinny

Man of the Match: Amy & Sam

Match report by Claire

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