Ladies’ 2s v. Southgate 2s – 8.2.14 match report

Oxford  2-0  Southgate

Oxford ladies 2s knew they had a big game ahead of them against Southgate ladies 2’s. The ladies had a good warm up and took a winning attitude onto the pitch.

From the whistle Oxford were pressuring the Southgate defence with great attacking movements from Lucy, Kim and Amy. Within the first few minutes, Helen played a great ball through to Kim who managed to find the bottom left corner from a strike at the top of the D, 1-0 Oxford.

Southgate began to press Oxford and were looking dangerous on the counter-attack but were kept out by Sam, Bev and Katie at the back. Oxford began working the ball back out with great movements from Hayley and Ruth in the middle. Finding themselves back in Southgate’s D, Tinny held the ball up well finding Hayley who hit the ball bottom corner, only to be stopped on the line from our very own Lucy McCann; luckily Lucy then managed to get the ball across the line earning herself a goal and multiple d*** of the day votes.

Southgate were still not beaten as they worked their way back to Oxford’s D. Miriam saved Oxford on multiple occasions winning the ball in one-on-ones with their attackers.

Half time came but Oxford knew they had to keep up the hard work to keep their lead. An encouraging half-time talk from Andrew and a rant from Lucy sent the ladies out ready for the second half. Southgate came out fighting but Oxford gave them no time on the ball defending as a unit. Helen, Claire and Tanky ran well in the middle to keep Oxford’s 2-0 lead to the final whistle.

Man of the Match and match reporter: Katie Cox

Scorers: Kim & Lucy ‘goal thief’ McCann

DoD: Ruth

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