Ladies’ 1s v. Brighton 1s – 27.09.14 – Match Report


Oxford 4-1 Brighton

Oxford Ladies 1st XI recorded their first league win of the season with a
dominant home performance over Brighton.

Oxford controlled the game from the start keeping possession from the visitors and creating many chances up
front. Kim Haynes opened the scoring in the 11th minute with an open play
strike after some great build up work from the half backs. Catherine Reaney doubled the lead 12 minutes later with a strong strike giving the Brighton
keeper no chance.

After half time Oxford allowed Brighton back into the game
finally conceding a scrappy goal from close range. But this was just the
wake up call the home team needed and once again they picked up the pace. In
the 56th minute they scored their third goal when Annabelle Denly tapped in
after a fierce strike in open play from Reaney. Brighton began to tire and
the victory for Oxford was sealed in the final minute when Jill Gordon
converted a penalty corner with a powerful deflected shot.

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