Ladies’ Masters (Over 35s) sail through first round of EH Trophy

Oxford  8-2  Wootton Wanderers

Match report for the masters over 35 cup first round match on Sunday 18th October 2015….

“Inside every older person is a younger person thinking what the hell happened”
CH Armstrong.

I’m too old to remember what happened in the match…..but I had a lovely time….


Match report 2 (by Emma)

Oxford scored three goals in the first three minutes. By half time the opposition were pleading for Tinny to be removed, so she switched into goal, releasing regular goalkeeper Laura Fyfe onto the forward line, which evened things out a little. All played in good spirits and Oxford move to the second round.

Captain’s notes (by Katie):

What exhibition hockey!! Such great team spirit from beginning to end, with dynamic passing round the back from side to side and some speedy balls through to the front line. Vintage hockey at its best. Well done to all.

Highlights included:

  • Bernie NZ asking who we are playing next before all matches and results of this KNOCK OUT cup had been played (for information, we have now drawn Leamington Ladies at home – time to be confirmed – on Sunday 8th November)
  • Sarah for the look on her face when she scored not just one but her two goals (and the fact she rang her husband from pitch side to tell him so)
  • Our Mother and Daughter Veterans moment, so Marianne could tick something off her bucket list.
  • Having the oldest (sorry Marianne) and youngest (Laura) players on the pitch amongst both teams
  • An incredible reflex save from Laura
  • Julie commenting on the fact that today was the best £10 she had spent this year!! … now that is passion!

Cup Dates are 8 Nov, 29 Nov, 7 Feb, 28 Feb, 13 March (FINAL)

Scorers: Tinny (3), Helen Backhouse (2), Sarah Dawson (2), Nadine Hatten (1)

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