Ladies’ 3s v. Slough 2s – 13.2.16 match report

Oxford  2-1  Slough

We turned up on a cold and very wet day to play Slough 2s on a ground that was quite obscure to find, with cold changing facilities and a dreary pitch, but had a good warm up and a hand warming exercise led by Jen, which the youth policy (Danielle and Maya) found quite amusing.

Oxford started a bit slower than normal, but didn’t panic and against the run of play went 1-0 down where it stayed until half time.  Oxford started to move the ball around the back well with good work between Curious Koala Katie, Sarah Silky Snake and Delightful Dragon Danielle, who made some speedy runs over the half way line finding Hysterical Hyena Hie in the D who just hit wide.

Pretty Parakeet Pip and Sarah Silky Snake worked well on the flanks, finding Ferocious Foxy Frankie who made some good runs and crosses up front.  Jazzy Jaguarundi Jen linked up well with Lightning Chuckwalla Christy and Magnificent Meerkat Maya up front forcing a few short corners.  After a short corner breaking down and the ball going back out to Hysterical Hyena Hie she ran at the defenders and slotted the ball into the goal, 1-1.  African darter Alex was kept busy in goal during the first half and made some important saves.

Oxford continued to move the ball around with Cape Cobra Claire winding through the Slough defence keeping them under pressure, with much better pace and structure across the pitch with Elegant Eagle Emma, Slender Loris Suzie and Pretty Parakeet Pip holding the midfield with Magnificent Meerkat Maya making some great runs up front with Lightning Chuckwalla Christy who had quite a few chances to put the ball away – but it wasn’t Chuckwalla’s day to score.  A short corner was awarded with another good run through from Jazzy Jaguarundi Jen forcing a short corner.  Slender Loris Suzie made no mistake in the last 10 minutes and fired the shot home to make the final score 2-1 for another important 3 points.

MOM: Jen and Danielle – solid midfield play, distributing ball well by Jen, linking up well with Danielle solid in defence making some important tackles and great runs forwards

Scorers: Hie and Suzie

DOD: Hie – thinking Suzie had arrived to pick her up and running after a car to realise in fact it was two older ladies and not the right car!