Ladies’ 2s v. Amersham & Chalfont 1s – 27.2.16 match report

Amersham & Chalfont  3-2  Oxford

It was an early start for Oxford but at least we weren’t going to the zombie film setting of Newlands this time but to a much more pleasant school sports centre in Rickmansworth. Nevertheless, Oxford were a little slow to wake up and get themselves into the game against a team who are second in Prem 2. And it was lucky that Georgie was on top form in goal, ably assisted by strong tackling from Zoey, Corin and Ruth in defence.

A & C finally managed to score from a penalty corner, the last play of the first half, to make it 1-0 at half time. Oxford moved the ball around much better in the second half with some good linking up across the pitch, starting with driving runs from Zoey, up to Emma and Niki on the left and Bubble and Chloe in the middle and Pip out on the right.

Unfortunately we lost Lucy to a ball on the knee at this point, although hopefully no lasting damage done. The remaining 11 battled away and Georgie continued to play brilliantly in goal. Despite this, A & C scored their second and then attempted to go 3-0 up by hitting the ball straight through Claire at chest height from point blank range. Cue enthusiastic appealing (a talent which certain of our opponents had in abundance) for a penalty flick, which was eventually awarded, and a very sporting lack of concern about any potential injury to our player, who wasn’t amused. Sadly, Georgie got something to the flick but was unable to prevent it going in.

At this point, Oxford suddenly began a bit of a fight-back. A penalty corner saw Claire hit the ball to the far post, and Martha pounced on it and deftly flicked over the keeper to make it 3-1. Shortly afterwards, Bubble’s quick thinking saw her capitalise on a free hit just outside the 23 and feed the ball into Chloe who converted while some of the A & C defence were still (wrongly) complaining about the hit being inside the 23 and coming straight into the D. Oxford ultimately ran out of time to find an equaliser and it finished 3-2.