Ladies 3s v. Amersham & Chalfont 2s – 19.3.16 match report

Final Match & Match Report


Let’s get one thing straight:
Oxford Ladies 3s ….


83 goals scored
15 consecutive wins
Won the league with a game in hand

You do not have seasons like this every year!!

Oxford Ladies 3s went into the final league game of the season being CHAMPIONS, however with 70 minutes still to play and wanting to get that 15th consecutive win, all was to play for!

Amersham certainly weren’t going to be any easy push over, sitting 6th in the table, however Oxford started strongly linking passes together and running off the ball. Good play from Oxford and decisive decisions led to the opening goal of the game.

To be quite honest with everyone I do not remember much more of the detail…….

Apart from a few key points:

* We WON 4-0
* Alex got yet another clean sheet – Super Star Goalie that she is!!!
* Christy managed to score 2 goals which levelled the endless battle for top goal scorer up……
* Jen and the ‘watch group’ managed to change her flat tyre – team work on point!!!
* Professional photos were taken of our game –  thank you!
* Liv nearly scored!
* Hie got yet another UNFAIR DOD

All in all, excellent team work, spirit and good fun!!

One more thing and most important: a massive THANK YOU to our brilliant ‘age is class’ ‘Sue’  on captaining us to victory!

MOM – Christy – Great goals, running and basically storming it!!!
DOD and match reporter – Hie – Quite honestly, unsure why…. I think ‘just because’ (Totally unfair!)