Ladies 2s v. Oxford Hawks 3s – 1.10.16 Match Report

OHC L2s 3-2 Oxford Hawks 3s

For reasons that are lost to the mists of time, I was voted DoD and therefore have the joy of writing a match report. Which in itself is a ridiculous idea because I have zero idea what goes on down the other end of the pitch. Therefore any similarity to real life events may be entirely coincidental…

Oxford against Hawks. Is there a bigger match in the world of hockey inside the Oxford ringroad? Probably not.

Mark gave us a team-talk involving a large board and a lot of magnets. Tanky asked a lot of questions but being a mere goalkeeper I didn’t really understand most of them.

Oxford started pretty well (I think). Then Hawks scored, which was annoying and definitely wasn’t in the magnet-plan. Luckily Tanky showed all her questions were worth it and did some clever hockey things and scored a goal.

Then came what has been christened (by Claire) the #SuperHooperWonderGoal. It did look pretty good, even from the other end of the pitch. Tanky picked the ball up (not literally) and passed it out wide to Beks who pinged it straight into Claire who deflected it first time over the keeper into the roof of the net. Nice!

Whilst we were all busy basking in the reflected glory of such a great goal, Hawks went straight up the other end to win and score a short corner. Rude.

Halftime. Outrageously there were no sweets.

Then some hockey was played. I made some really quite good saves (talking about which may or may not have resulted in the writing of this match report). Bet Maddie Hinch doesn’t have to put up with this!

Anyway. It was still 2-2 and we weren’t really playing very well. Then we won a short corner (no idea how). Beks – who had been having a fair few sighters during the match – decided that fancy routines were so last week and just hit it really, really hard into the goal. Nice to see it’s not just me she does that to.

I’d like to say that we calmly and professionally saw out the last few minutes but we obviously didn’t. It was chaos. Luckily I made a few more quite good saves…

Final score 3-2 to the blues.

MoM was a four-way tie. I was one of them. I wasn’t listening to who the others were. Could have been anyone from:

Corin, Wil, Trem, Liv, Maya, SuperHooper, Sophia, Tanky, Laura, Niki, Ellie, Naomi or Beks…


Scorers: Claire Hooper, Laura Smyth, Beks Andrew