Mens 2s v. Amersham & Chalfont 2s – 8.10.16 Match Report

OHC M4s 2-0 Amersham & Chalfont 2s

The day started with a 9:45 meet for no other reason than standing around for 15 minutes waiting for the gate to be opened. Great choice skipper! Take note for home games for the rest of the season please.

Phil Alexsndrou arrived late. Seems to be becoming a theme for the start of the season. At least Phil knew the start time this week and did not need a call to get him out of bed. This habit could become an expensive fine accumulator for the season.

Matthew Neville delegated as any experience captain does the warm up to Andrew Wynd. Using his initiative just took the team for once circuit of half the pitch but quickly passed on all responsibilities to Benjamin Richards to lead the actual warm up. Expertly done in his baggy baselayer (more workouts required).

The pattern of the first half was a dominant performance in and out of possession. Monopolising possession and territory being aggressive in both defence and attack.
Oxford broke Amersham & Chalfont down in the first half at their forth short corner. The plan was for a right post defection but the Amersham & Chalfont keeper saved the first attempt. The Oxford attacking setup reacted quickest to the rebound and Rob Reintjesf licked the ball passed the keeper into the net.

Matthew Beynon the half bagger, half Paul Hollywood lookalike drilled the ball to Timothy Conlon where he deliberately dummied the ball confusing players from both sides but the ball went straight off the pitch. Some might say he completely missed the ball but the talented players know this was a stroke of genius.

The second half saw the opposition have a bit more possession and territory but Oxford dealt with the increased pressure with no worry.

A rare entry to the Oxford D resulted in the ball looping up into the air. Paul Hewitson the homeless looking Australian took no time in attempting to decapitate the opponent battering him with his smelly glove.

The teams international bandana wearing, edam eating, poppy growing, windmill building, bike riding clogg tapping attacking player from Holland, Rob Rientjes announced whilst on the bench that he is a ‘specialist’ top diamond for his home club. Inevitably he came on and was MIA for the remainder of the game.

It would not be a game of hockey with Benjamin Richards on the pitch if there was no failed aerial attempt… He did not disappoint his team mates with a massive 5M bobbled pass straight to an opponent!

Paul Tappin by this point was regretting leaving his sun cream in the car. Even though it was over cast and trying to rain he was still turning a shade of pink as the UV rays seem to be attracted to his delicate complexion.

Andrew Wynd had an opportunity to score with the keeper out of position. He was about a foot inside the pitch but about 3 meters to the left of the goal. At that moment he decided to become a defender for Amersham & Chalfont clearing the ball on his reverse stick pass the open goal out the D. The veteran striker may have to be made available for the 5th team after that decision and application of talent.

Jon Bissell’s goal came from a nice bit of build-up play passing through many of the Oxford team before the ball was passed into the D where Jon calmly deflected the ball past the helpless keeper. Unfortunately, for a small man he jumped quite high into the air and celebrated like a 12 year old school girl, Embarrassing!

Towards the climax of the game Huw Tasker decided to appeal after both teams were warned resulting in a lonely walk to the bench and Oxford having to spend some time down to 10 men. The team dealt with the shortage in numbers mainly because of the experience in the aging team but also because it was the biggest impact Huw had on the entire game. No loss!

Benjamin Richards was traditionally long in the shower. Somehow having no hair he still shampoos twice and moisturises his big shiny bald head.

Thanks to the wives/mothers supporting on the side with the army of kids.

The coaching and management team continue their 100% successful start to the league. Well done Richard Oakes and Matthew Neville.

Paul Hewitson broke his duck by achieving his first clean sheet in approximately 30 games. It must have been the magical ‘Mike Ruppe Award’ back line in front of him.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable game for the Oxford 4s ending with a 2:0 home win.

Lesson learnt for next week from the opening two league games is that as a team Oxford need to take better care of possession. The team frequently give the opponent the ball too easily. Must be better next week.

Scorers: Jon Bissell & Rob Reinjtes

MOM: Gareth (well deserved)
DOD: TC (NOT deserved)