Mens 1s v Marlow 1s 02.10.16 Match Report

Marlow 1s 3 – 4 OHC 1s

MBBO Regional 1

As the Men’s 1 assembled in the Brookes car park for our away trip to Marlow and waiting for the last of the team to Call me to let me know they were on the way. Dykes informed us of a road closure on the route so it somewhat like a prayer as we left that we would arrive on time.

After a pain, free trip, it felt like nothings gonna stop us now that’s was until a typical rambling nonsensical team talk from Bleachy left most confused and a couple truly bemused. The games started well for Oxford despite the team talk with pressure being put on the Marlow Defence lead to a number of turnovers high up the pitch but sadly we couldn’t beat it passed the Marlow Keeper.  It was Marlow that broke the deadlock from a short corner that was turned into his own net by Nail. I don’t think this will be acceptable down under mate. The rest of the second half saw Oxford inviting Marlow to take on me and the rest of the defence and bar one moment that should have led to a P flick the defence held out. Just before the half time Bleachy managed to put one passed the keeper by jump head first at him resulting in a goal and a little scratch which was attended to by his mother on the side line.

The half time team talk focused on how to win this game but it seemed that Dykes was getting more and more angry with every breath you take. The second half started well with waves of Oxford attacks reaching the D time after time and in one of these Conner set up to release one of his trademark back hand shots but seemed to get a massive back stick that wasn’t picked up by the umpires and looped over the stranded Marlow keeper.  Marlow pulled the scores level again against the run of play and a second goal for Nail and again in the wrong net. So, with or without you we would have won either 3:4 or 1:4. the Oxford defence when put under pressure in the second half could through some atomic aerials straight up the pitch to our waiting midfield and forward line who could then attack the Marlow D everywhere. As the game drew into the final 5 minutes the and away support were livin’ on a prayer that Oxford would increase their lead or just hold on to close the game out that last season we wouldn’t of but it seems this season we are finding ways to win close games.

With the DOD clearly being won by Nail with a clean sweep the dress was donned to make him look like a tramp. A few of the team headed off to the Halloween social to drink all night long while others bowed out early.

Written by: Keith Simms

(Keith’s report theme: 80s Hits)