Mens 1s v Wycombe 1s 15.10.16 Match Report

Oxford 1s 2–1 Wycombe 1s

15 October 2016 saw Oxford 1’s climb to 4th in the table after beating Wycombe 2-1. After a grey and overcast morning, we were greeted by here comes the sun for a bright and glorious afternoon for hockey. The game started well for Oxford having the lion’s share of possession but it was Wycombe that broke the dead lock as our Naval Officer got all lost at sea and turned over possession midway through what was clearly going to be a massy run but sadly the result was a Wycombe over load which was converted to leave us 1-0 down at half time.

The always motivational and passion filled half time talk delivered by Macca focused on themes of, we can work it out, come together and all together now. These insightful thoughts produced a revolution and Oxford scored two unanswered goals in the second half though the goal machine that is bleachy. But we should mention a great performance from our Laurence who must have been inspired by the visit of his girlfriend to the side lines, yes I saw her standing there to deny Wycombe on countless occasions clearly all you need is love on the side line to have a stormer of a game. Niall or Nail was here there and everywhere on the pitch to show us that he is not just the worst dressed in the team but can be useful on the pitch. The Wierszycki brothers managed to get back and help the defence out on a number of occasions. Tim our nowhere man for the week was saved the DOD dress in the dying minutes of the game as Sean went into a meltdown mode passing to the Wycombe attack and the conceding a short corner in the dying seconds. In my life as an Oxford hockey club player we would have concede that final second goal but the three-man defence held out to see the game off.

With a cup game on Sunday a few of the team must have thought it was an eight days a week while one of the team clearly had a hard day’s night after a minor scuffle in town.

Written by: Keith Simms

Keith’s report theme: Beatles Songs (how many can you find!?)