Ladies 3s v. Sonning 1s – 19.11.16 match report

Sonning  3-0  Oxford

We arrived at the pitch slightly anxious to say the least, firstly due to the fact that Sonning 1s were rather high up in the league and secondly because we had had about 4 people drop out in the week, therefore making us unsure as to whether or not we had a full team. However, we were in luck and lovely Ellie G joined us last minute therefore saving the day and allowing us one sub!

Throughout the game we held our own with everyone working together to play a very good game of hockey. Highlights of the match included Suzie making a brief appearance on the pitch with her bright pink skin and Georgia’s dad treating us at half time with some delicious Percy Pigs (vegetarian so as to cater for all).  Sadly though we lost 3-0. All in all it was a very pleasant game against a very friendly team and decent umpires to our relief!

Man of the match went to Claire B and DOD was very well deserved by Suzie for mistaking Sarah’s water bottle for the ketchup resulting in her having rather soggy baked beans 🙂