Oxford Hockey Club – New Player Information

Thank you for contacting Oxford Hockey Club. Please find below comprehensive information about the adult section of the club.


 We are running 7 ladies and 9 men’s sides on winter Saturdays so we cater for all levels of ability and experience and enable smooth progression up sides for those who want to play at a high level. We commence at the end of August with friendlies and the league season runs from mid/late September until the end of March with a short break over the Xmas period. We then play some less intensive weekday summer hockey from May until July.


Ladies’ main season training is on Tuesday evenings at Oxford Brookes Centre for Sport, and men’s main training is on Wednesday evenings at Oxford University’s Iffley Road pitch. Details are on our website:  http://www.oxfordhc.org/training/ and directions are under the ‘Find Us’ tab. You are welcome to come along to the one of these sessions as soon as you like. There are additional sessions for higher teams and we can discuss attendance at these once you come to your first session.

If this might be too advanced, do contact one of us (contact details below) as we will also be running some ‘Back to Hockey’ or other sessions for beginners. Details of ladies BTH here

We also run specialist training for goalkeepers – full details may be found here: http://www.oxfordhc.org/training/goalkeeper-training/

Note: We will require written consent for anyone under 18 from a parent or guardian allowing you to join either senior training or Back to Hockey.

Subscriptions and Match Fees

We are the best value club in the city and our annual subscription for adult full membership is £135 (students/unwaged £72). On top of the annual sub are match fees payable for each game you play: £10 (£6). Training is included in the club membership fee. Training-only is £52 (£31) for the season, for people not able to play matches at the weekend. Do note that people joining the club part way through the season (after 1st November) will be entitled to a pro rata reduction on the annual fee. Goalkeepers who provide their own kit do not pay subs. Our subscription database is managed via “ClubBuzz” for which you’ll get an invitation to join shortly.


OHC playing kit is a royal blue shirt with white flashes, navy skirt (shorts for men), and royal blue socks with a red/navy/orange top. Training jackets and bottoms are also available. Please see the website for full details. http://www.oxfordhc.org/kit/

You don’t need to buy kit for your first couple of games as normally the captains have spares for new players. For training just wear t-shirt/top etc and shorts/skirt/leggings. Shinpads and gum shields are strongly recommended at all times for training and games.


We also play mixed on some Sundays during the winter season. These are friendly fixtures with teams made up of 5 female and 5 male outfield players. It doesn’t matter which Saturday side you normally play for, as the emphasis is on having fun, enjoying the hockey, and socialising afterwards. The games take place in and around Oxford on Sundays during our winter season. Get in touch with our mixed captain if you are interested in playing. Full details may be found here: http://www.oxfordhc.org/mixed/


The club does not provide insurance for you to cover the inevitable risks whilst participating in club activities. This is your responsibility to organise if you deem appropriate.

Social Activities

OHC is a sociable club, and there will be a full programme during the winter season which will be detailed on the club website (www.oxfordhc.org/social-2). These include the annual dinner/dance, general knowledge quiz – as well as informal team socials.


We send occasional news items by email to the whole club via the ClubBuzz website (see above). We also have a Facebook group – search for “Oxford Hockey Club” – and you can follow us on Twitter (@OxfordHC). Also, on our website there’s sign-up box on the right of the home page if you’d like to be alerted when news is posted on the website. This is especially useful if pitches are flooded (or frozen) and games or training are cancelled, possibly at the last minute.

Brookes Car Parking

Oxford Brookes University charges off-peak car park charges for all stays over 2 hours. Club members avoid this charge by buying an annual car par permit for £10. The process is slightly complicated – full details are on our website: http://www.oxfordhc.org/2017/01/03/brookes-car-parking-charges/


With so many teams we always need umpires for games. If you have an umpiring qualification we’d love to hear from you and you can get involved at whatever level you like. The lower men’s and ladies’ sides do not require qualified umpires so we hope as many people as possible will step up. England Hockey run regular umpiring 1-day courses so it’s easy to get onto the umpiring ladder, and we are happy to provide support and training, as well as cover the cost of the courses for those who qualify.


We have a huge junior section and run mixed U8 and U10 teams, girls and boys U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 sides and two girls’ junior development sides. If you would like to help with the juniors, please get in touch.

Next Steps

If you have further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the contacts below – otherwise just come along to a Tuesday (Ladies) or Wednesday (Men’s) training session at 7pm. We look forward to seeing you very shortly.

Ladies Contacts

Helen Dudgeon – Ladies Chair helen.dudgeon@gmail.com

Emma Forrester – Ladies Vice Chair emma@yseski.co.uk

Katie Smith – Ladies Club Captain – katieandbear@btinternet.com

Charlie Bransby – Ladies Club Captain charlie.rogers1990@gmail.com

Rachel Hossack – Ladies Club Captain rachelhossack@hotmail.com

Men’s Contacts

Matt Neville – Men’s Chair matthew.neville@hotmail.co.uk

Tom Small – Men’s Club Captain tomsmall@live.co.uk

Phil Radcliffe – Men’s Club Captain pradcliffe@btinternet.com

Paul Hewitson – Men’s Club Captain (Goalkeepers) paul.hewitson@dph.ox.ac.uk

Mixed Contact

Whitney Chobbah – gwchobbah@gmail.com