General Committee

If you would like to get involved in an elected role and have your say about how the club runs, check out the roles and responsibilities document here. We are also always looking for volunteers to assist in a non-elected role, such as helping to organise a social event, write for the website, help co-ordinate umpires, volunteer as a coach, and much more! 

The committee for the 2017-18 season is as follows:

ChairRich Oakes 

A firm believer in healthy nutrition, Rich has played hockey, coached and umpired for a number of years, as well as holding numerous roles within OHC. Rich has stated that his priorities for the club are to develop the future vision and goals, improve supporting technology, develop the social offering and explore new sponsorship options.

Vice-Chair – Mike Corran 

Mike’s job is “to make sure our club is the best it can be, as well as play for the Bulls and coach kids when I have some spare time!”. He has Teflon shoulders and is the king of delegation. Probably gets someone else to do his defending for him…

Ladies’ Chair & Membership Secretary – Helen Dudgeon Helen Dudgeon

Helen oversees the Ladies’ playing committee, so she’s in charge of keeping all parts of the Ladies’ section organised. Helen ensures that the teams are organised with military precision with one very big spreadsheet. Helen also oversees and encourages the progression of junior players into the senior teams, coaching our U12 girls and Back to Hockey Ladies.

Ladies’ Club Captain 1s-3s – Katie Smith

Katie is an experienced player and a long-standing member of the club. She has been captain and coach in her earlier days but now enjoys celebrating the many successes of the Ladies section with a glass of chilled white or two! This year she has an official role of overseeing the Ladies 1-3 teams. As they are all within one league position of each other, her role may be much needed to have an over view of all players and to ensure their enjoyment is at an optimum.

Ladies’ Club Captain 3s-5s – Charlie Bransby

Charlie came through the ‘Back to Hockey’ programme back in 2011, been captain of the 6s and is now in her 3rd season of being club captain. She assists the captains week to week with logistics and any issues that may arise. You can normally find her wrapped up in her pink and orange GK kit or shouting (very loudly) for the rest of the ladies section!

Ladies’ Club Captain 5s-7s – Rachel Hossack

Rachel is the club captain who oversees the ladies 5s to 7s.  Rachel has played for the club for a number of years and previously captained various teams.  She is keen to ensure that the teams function smoothly and that the players have a great time!

Men’s Chair – Matthew Neville 

Matt is the bloke who will either be walking around on the pitch playing or sending you off when he is umpiring – so approach with care! Having been the Club Captain for 3 years he has moved up to oversee the Men’s section this season. Please feel free to talk to him about everything hockey related or anything else!

Men’s Club Captain – Tom Small

Tom assists with the week to week running of the section and is a general point of contact for any queries, concerns or ideas about how things could be done differently. Or in other words, someone to moan at! He has been a playing member since the beginning and has decided it is finally time to “give something back”. He is often seen sitting down at training and is the first one to ask for a break 5 minutes after starting his match – go and say hello if you haven’t already.

Mixed Chair – Whitney Chobbah

Whitney’s hockey nickname is “The Enforcer”. She has been playing hockey since school and during 3 years at Oxford Brookes University. Whitney currently plays for the ladies 7s and enjoys charging down the pitch and mowing everyone down! She is looking forward to getting involved in Mixed Hockey. 

Junior Chair – John Dykes

John co-ordinates the junior section of the club (from age 6 up), as well as doing lots of coaching of both juniors and men’s teams as well as having a special interest in teas. Behind the relaxed persona lies one of the most competitive people you’ll ever meet.

Social Secretary – Cesca DeanCesca being sociable

Cesca was nominated by previous social secretary Ellie Cartwright. Cesca has lots planned for the season; to find out more please see the social page here and keep an eye for ad-hoc events advertised on the Facebook page.

Communications Secretary & Webmaster – Alice Shuttleworth 

Alice joined the club in 2015 and has enjoyed playing for the 2s and the 3s. This year Alice is looking to redesign the website, streamline the social media platforms and make sure everyone knows what’s going on! Contact Alice for press enquiries, website updates, social media, email communications and more.

Treasurer – Paul Baker

Paul is OHC Treasurer, so it’s a good job he likes numbers. The fact that he volunteered for the job must mean his sanity needs to be questioned though. Away from spreadsheets Paul is a middle-aged mediocre (at best) hockey player, as and when fragments of time can be found while helping to raise two small children.

Club Welfare OfficerMark Thompson