Club Presidents

Oxford Hockey Club is headed by two presidents which represent the ladies’ and men’s sections.

The club also invites former players who have significantly contributed to OHC to become Vice Presidents. 

Presidents and Vice Presidents are offered continued membership of the club and voting rights. They are also invited to special lunches at Brookes on a Saturday when they can also watch current teams play and catch up with old friends.

Alan Mackenzie-Wintle, Men's Club President

Marianne Bint

Alan Mackenzie-White


Mr Chris Adlard

Mr Keith M Argyle

Mrs Terri Austin

Mr Patrick Baddeley

Mr Ron Benson

Mr Mike Betton

Mr Richard Cole

Mr John Cole

Mr Simon Copping

Mr Rowland Cross

Mr Steve Curnock

Mr John Davidson

Mrs Sarah Dawson

Mr Hugh Draper

Mr Tim Dudgeon

Mrs Helen Dudgeon

Ms Sue Dunhill

Mr Pat Edgington

Mr Tim Ellam

Mr Tom Fenn

Mr Nick Fisher

Mr Fraser Glennie

Mr Andrew Green

Mr Graham Green

Ms Angie Harper

Mr Barry Harris

Mr Simon Harrison

Mrs Suzy Harrison

Mr John Hartley

Mr Robin Hartwell

Mr Robert Hawes

Mr Laurie Herman

Mr John Hunter

Mrs Nadine Hunter

Mr Richard Jess

Mr John Jones

Mrs Liz Mackenzie-Wintle

Mr Nick Malden

Mrs Jo Malden

Mr Richard Martin

Ms Carol McNeil

Mr Keith Miles

Mr Robin Molyneux

Mr Gordon Newbold

Mr David Newton

Mr Phil Pearson

Mr John Rea

Mr Neil Robinson

Mr Brian Ross

Mr Jamie Rossiter

Mr Arnie Shrimpton

Mr Robert Stilgoe

Mr Richard Summers

Mrs Anne Vermeulen

Mr Robert Wagstaffe

Mr Phil Warne

Ms Naomi Wayland

Mr Mark Whittering

Mr Colin Whittle

Mr Paul Wilcox

Ms Stella Willbery

Mr Cleve Williams

Mr Tom Wylie