£6,000 Fundraising Success for Oxford Juniors

Three Oxford Juniors, Jacob Hogben, Eamon Devaney and Emma Henriksen, have been successful is securing funding worth nearly six thousand pounds which is to be spent on new goalkeeping kit in 2012. Jacob was the main drive in putting together the bid presented to Oxford City Council’s ‘Positive Activities junior committee’ on Thursday 15th December. The three juniors were highly praised for the content and delivery of their presentation to the thirteen Junior Committee members. Continue reading

Juniors’ Tour to Leiden

For those who haven’t heard, we took mixed U14 and U16 teams to Holland over the August Bank Holiday to participate in Leiden’s 65th twinning anniversary with Oxford and the 75th anniversary of the club Leiden Roomburg where the festival was held.

Juniors on the pitch at Leiden in front of a windmill

Visual proof that the juniors were definitely on tour in Holland!

We arrived in rain and played much of the next day in rain, and also drove home in rain for most of the journey, yet we still had a great time both on the field and off.

Roomburg decided in the interests of friendship and mutual international co-operation that we would all play in mixed teams! This meant that our teams were split up into 4 groups with their Dutch counterparts and the remaining team from Poland was split up similarly with the Dutch hosts.

This arrangement lasted until early afternoon when we persuaded the organisers that our kids would be much happier if they could play as Oxford HC and have a go beating the hell out of the other sides. Foolishly, the Dutch agreed and accordingly our U14 team won three games against Roomburg and our U16 team demolished both the Polish and the Dutch (the Polish result 8-0 being the highlight as this side were said to be the top U16 boys team in Poland).

Hockey aside, it was great for our players to experience the Dutch way of life for 36 hours. Roomburg itself is organised in typical Dutch style – 3 astros and a huge spacious club house set in between two canals complete with windmill!

The club has 600 junior members (not even the biggest in the area) most of whom arrive by bicycle. The pitches are owned by the council who let them out to local schools in the day. The club house is owned by Roomburg and part of it is used as a day nursey during the week to bring in more income. It truly feels like a community facility.

With so many junior members there are 4 teams at every age group, boys and girls. For the festival most of the Roomburg players were taken from the middle/lower teams. The club chairman said to me that if we wish to invite them back to our Easter festival and we asked for their ‘A’ team, then this could be done. I think that would give our players something to think about!

All in all a positive experience which hopefully we can use as a base for more inter-club festivals.

Andy Roscoe

For more photos and the Team Manager’s report, please visit the juniors’ website.

Club Day Report & Photos

Club Day and official launch of Oxford Hockey Club

Group shot of some of the people we could drag away from eating their pizza / crepe after the hockey on Club Day

Action shot from the men's side of Club Day

Action shot from the men's side of Club Day

Thanks to everyone who helped organise our first OHC Club Day and official launch weekend celebrations. Over 100 people came along to the senior Club Day on Saturday 3rd Sept, with roughly equal numbers of men and women. Continue reading

Oxford Juniors travel to Dutch twin town for Leiden Hockey Festival

Oxford’s newest and largest hockey club take their first steps abroad when the juniors take part in the Leiden hockey festival over the August bank holiday weekend.

The club has 24 players travelling to Leiden to play in the festival on Saturday 27th August. They will be fielding an U14 mixed team and an U16 mixed team.  The event is hosted by Leiden Hockey Club Roomburg to celebrate the club’s 75th anniversary. It is also the 65th anniversary of the Oxford-Leiden twin town link. Leiden’s Polish twin town – Torun – is also sending a team.

The Dutch are being extremely hospitable, providing host accommodation, welcome drinks on Friday, lunch and a barbeque tea on Saturday plus a disco/party, and coffee before the teams return to Oxford on Sunday. The club has received grants from both Oxford and Leiden twinning committees, which has allowed them to keep costs for transport low.

The tour takes place before the official launch of Oxford Hockey Club on the weekend of 3rd/4th September at Oxford Brookes and Headington School.  The new club has over 500 members and will field 11 men’s, 7 ladies’ and 2 mixed adult teams as well as 12 junior teams playing at all levels.  The new club was officially formed in July from a merger between City of Oxford and Rover Oxford hockey clubs.

More information

Juniors: John Dykes 07786 548188

Seniors: Claire Hooper 07855 546879