Ladies’ 2s v. Oxford Uni 2s – 3.10.15 match report

Oxford  3-2  Oxford University

It’s always a good time to play the University before Freshers’ Week has even started… Possibly more dramatic than it needed to be, Oxford were actually in control for large parts of this town v. gown clash but had to wait until the last few minutes to secure the win. After settling in to the game (with its interesting 4.10pm start time), Oxford took the lead mid-way through the first half thanks to a well-taken Jill Gordan penalty corner strike. Ruth then provided a fantastic ball through to Claire, who turned and shot to make it 2-0. Continue reading

Ladies 2’s win England Hockey 2XI Plate semi-final!

Ladies 2’s win England Hockey 2XI Plate semi-final!

Having spent a very sober night celebrating Chloe’s 18th on the Saturday (sorry Chlo. We’ll make up for it!) the ladies 2s arrived at Brookes ready to take on Tulse Hill & Dulwich for a place in the England Hockey 2XI Plate Final (aka The Olympics). Andrew waffled on a bit about the Battle of Agincourt and Band of Brothers before the impressively bloated (and slightly perplexed) squad of 16 players made their way out to the pitch.

From the start it was immediately obvious that we had a game on our hands. THD were skilful, quick and organised, putting the Oxford defence under almost relentless pressure for the opening minutes. Midway through the first half THD had the ball in the back of the Oxford net but it was ruled out for not travelling the requisite 5m from the free hit (it definitely didn’t!).

Undaunted, Oxford began to get a foothold in the game with some great running and movement up front by the numerous attackers but clear-cut chances remained at a premium.

With the sides locked at 0-0 and chances hard to come by at both ends, THD provided some light comic relief early in the second half with their keeper chanting “ready” for approximately 5 minutes prior to defending a penalty corner. Then they broke early. They weren’t ready.

As the game wore on both sides pushed for a winner leading to chances at both ends – Phil Swindell with a smart 1 on 1 stop in the Oxford goal before Annabelle Denly almost deceived the THD keeper at the other end. One of their players then had a “conversation” with the umpire and had to go and sit down to think about what she’d done. The match could have gone either way. In the end it went neither way and it was on to the Dreaded Shootout.

THD stepped up first and saw their flick saved by the legs of Swindell before Captain Ruth squeezed in Oxford’s first effort. THD scored. Lammey scored. THD missed. Chloe scored. The umpires lost the ability to count at this stage and thought it was all over but were quickly corrected and THD’s final flick was saved low to the right (heroically some might say…) leading to jubilant scenes amongst the team and some tears from the supporters!

MoM – Phil; DoD – Trem, for getting stuck in the football goal. Though it should probably have been Frankie who got herself carded (deservedly) then complained about it and somehow we all forgot.

Squad: Phil Swindell, Ruth Bedford, Katie Cox, Lizzie Robbins, Louise Tremlett, Chloe Ranson, Bev Cousins, Pip Horlock, Jess Upjohn, Frankie Howells, Rachael Lammey, Amy Mobley, Cathy Thom, Laura Pickervance, Lucy Denly, Annabelle Denly.

Next stop – The Olympics! Thank you to all who came and watched and cheered us on to glory. Sorry if you have no fingernails left. See you in Lee Valley! Tickets here.

 The final will take place on Saturday 25th April at 9.30am at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tenni Centre in London. Tickets can be bought in advance here.

Ladies’ 2s v. Aylesbury 1s – 4.10.14 – Match Report


Oxford 2-3 Aylesbury

4th October 2014, the weather was rather off putting, unpleasant, wet and we were late; sat nav issues. Brilliant start! Unfortunately Aylesbury had three lucky break outs, against the run of play and were 3 up at half time. Despite the score that would show Aylesbury being the better side, we had roughly 80% possession. This was very infuriating for the team as we knew we could be winning. At this point we were very disappointed, but after a motivational team talk from Andrew, Ruth and Tanky at half time, we put all that behind us and played the game that we were more than capable of in the second half.

The second half was full of many positives, we woke up and won it 2 to nil, we certainly gave them a run for their money. Goals were scored by a brilliant push in between the keepers legs by Hayley after Tanky had made a fantastic run with the ball to set it up. The second goal was set up by Jess running along the baseline and a pass across to Tanky who finished the job.

MOM: Ruth, solid play throughout the match

DOD: Bev, for reasons we cannot reveal

Written by the ‘Youth policy’ of the team (Frankie and Jess)