Ladies’ Over 35s v. Leamington – 7.11.15 match report

England Hockey Women’s Masters Over 35s Trophy

Oxford  3-3  Leamington (Leamington won 4-2 on penalty strokes)

Oxford’s Ladies’ Over-35s side had one of our best games in our 5-year existence to date against strong opposition in this Trophy match. We were already a little worried when they turned up and none of them had grey hair or appeared to be anywhere near 40… Continue reading

Ladies’ Masters Investec Trophy, 2nd round vs. Southgate – 12.01.14 – Match report

Oxford 3-1 Southgate

The Mighty Oxford Youth Policy travelled to Southgate to start their 2014 campaign. Despite an apparent abundance of players, Captain Katie bravely chose to travel with only her top 10! This cunning plan avoided the need for any substitutions (nobody likes being rolled off!) and meant we had an excuse ready if we should lose!

Fortunately, this risky strategy proved very successful. Fortified by Berocca (as the advert says “you, but on a really good day”) and a hefty sprinkling of optimism – the game was on. Continue reading

Golden Eagles (Ladies’ Masters) v. Teddington – 20.10.13 – Match Report

Golden Eagles 4-1 Teddington

The Golden Eagles came home to roost to play their 3rd game against Teddington at home. With the opposition arriving before 2pm and keen to get a prompt start, the Eagles were happy to forego a lengthy warm up routine especially as the rain clouds had gathered to water the pitch ahead of the starting whistle. For the first time captain Caroline Baggs had more to organise than who was to play in which position as, with 4 new ‘eagles’ taking their maiden flight, substitutions decisions would have to be made! Continue reading