Men’s 2s v. Eastcote 1s – 21.11.15 match report

Oxford  1-6  Eastcote

It was another tough fixture this week for Oxford men’s 2s against top of the league Eastcote 1s. Oxford started well but Eastcote managed to get two up.  Oxford responded with a goal from Ben White and went into half time 1-2 down. In the second half, Oxford lost concentration and saw why Eastcote are top of the league. Eastcote took the game 1-6.

Men’s 7s v. Reading Rovers – 14.11.15 match report

Reading Rovers  1-2  Oxford 7s

It was a wet but warm lunch time that saw the 7’s arrive at Reading for the game against Reading Rovers. Having played against them last season we knew that, despite their current league position, this was not going to be easy. Missing Captain Tom as well as Alan & DBH from the back line from last week’s win, reinforcements were needed. Up stepped John Darnell & Chris Purves (thanks guys). Continue reading

Men’s 2s v. Staines 2s – 7.11.15 match report

Oxford Men’s 2nd  8-0  Staines 2nd

A strong start led to a short corner that was converted by Hamish Currie. Good play created three further goals from Dave Hibbert, Jake Taylor and Nick Greenwood. The pressure was sustained in the second half with four more excellent team goals from Sam Clarke Warry, Ben White, Nick Mayne and Dan Strange. A thoroughly convincing 8-0 win.

Men’s 7s v. Bracknell Terriers – 7.11.15 match report

OHC 7s  2-0  Bracknell Terriers

Well it has to be said the day got off to a truly lovely start. Rain pounding down and a scouting party having to be sent out to find a bedraggled David Haycock before we’d even started the journey to Bracknell. Once everyone was safely ensconced in an appropriate mode of transport off we headed, emerging at Bracknell to a downpour, but a considerably more friendly one than was left behind in Oxon. Continue reading

Men’s 2s vs. Wycombe 1s – 31.10.15 Match Report

OHC 2s 1-6 Wycombe 1s

This weekend the Mens 2s were travelling away to Wycombe 1s. Still buoyant from last week’s superb victory, the only early disappointment came from the late arrival of a certain Eamon Devaney. Not only late, the error was compounded as his face fell at the question “brought the white shirts then?”. Suitably chastised, Eamon returned home and scrounged some U14 shirts, only to find that ever helpful Dad, John, had already put the men’s shirts in the boot of Eamon’s car. Continue reading