Men’s 2s

Oxford Hockey Club men's second team

Captain: TBC

League: MBBO Regional 2 (2016-17 result – 9th place)


Tuesdays @ 20.00-21.30 skills/drills based training at Oxford University, Iffley Road

Wednesdays @ 19.00-21.00 game based training at Oxford University, Iffley Road

Thursdays @ 20.00-22.00 at Oxford Brookes, Headington

About the Men’s 2s:

This season we will be aiming for a little more consistency, and hopefully the results will follow.

The team is a good mix of ex-1st team players and young up-and-coming players looking to break into the 1st team. The 1s and 2s train together as one squad and this has created very fluid movement between the two sides and a squad of players who all play to the same ethos and standards.

Goalmouth action in the Oxford 1s v. 2s game