Men’s 8s

Men's 8s in 2016

Captain: Tom Scrase

Team Administration: Clive Joyner (01844237761 or 07811867519)

League:  MBBO Open League Division 8 West (2016-17 result – 7th)


Tuesdays @ 20.00-21.30 skills/drills based training at Oxford University, Iffley Road

Wednesdays @ 19.00-21.00 game based training at Oxford University, Iffley Road

Captain’s view:

Looking forward to another fun, yet competitive season of Hockey in the lower leagues. 

Hopefully we can find that perfect blend of youth vs experience. Last season we were very much looking like the cast of “Last of the Summer Wine”, so if we can recruit 2-3 younger, fitter bodies it would be a good thing!   
For the months ahead – Here are the top 3 objectives :
1.  To the Team – Can we possibly buck the trend of the past 2 seasons where we endured a pitiful first half of the season scoring about 8 goals in 12 games and being rooted to the bottom of the table – before majestically turning it around in the 2nd half of the campaign by beating all-comers and ending about halfway up the league (mainly due to the Winter Transfer Deadline signings of Harding, Curran & Hulcup).  
2. To the Decision Makers – The Avereage age of the 8s is around 55, so a youth injection would be most welcome, as we do not want to be seen as a Veterans team. 
3. To Clive – remember your promise on Dinner & Dance night that you will assist me in all matters Admin. You were so good at it last season, you did the impossible and managed to fool people into thinking that Jon Darnell was actually a professional and efficient Leader (which is really not the case!)
Looking forward to a fun, competitive season with a great bunch of Blokes.

If you are interested in joining the 8s please get in touch with Clive Joyner.